Novi Pazar Serbia

Become a Greeter

To join:

We are always accepting new Greeters! To submit an application to join Novi Pazar Greeters, fill out this form or email us at for more information.

The only job of a Greeter is to make time to meet with visitors on occasion and show them around your favorite places. You can take visitors to a local café or your favorite restaurant, go for a walk around the city or your neighborhood, or guide them to local sites of interest in order to show the city’s culture. Greeters may also explain to visitors how to get around Novi Pazar and find certain places, provide recommendations for a visitor’s stay in the city, or even help teach some survival phrases in the local language.


We expect Greeters to help visitors feel welcome, informed, and excited about their stay in Novi Pazar. Greeters should be open and friendly to talk with people from all different parts of the world, and we especially seek Greeters with foreign language abilities (English, German, French, etc.).

We ask Greeters to allot some time every month to be available to meet with visitors. We accept requests all year round, and we aim to have Greeters on call for any occasion. Meetings with visitors may vary in length, but we ask that Greeters make time for at least one or two hours per visit. Greeters should keep posted with requests by visitors and have access to an email and phone.


Being a Greeter provides valuable volunteer experience, and we are able to provide Greeters with certificates of recognition for their time from our partner NGO NorthStar. Greeters have the chance to talk about why they like their city, share their culture and background, and learn about other cultures through interactions with visitors. Greeters also get the chance to practice speaking foreign languages with visitors from abroad, providing valuable language experience with native speakers.

Courtesy of Samir Delić

Courtesy of Samir Delić