Novi Pazar Serbia

Where to Eat


Map 3: Where to Eat

Map 3: Where to Eat

Aida 2: Aida 2 is one of the city’s most popular spots for burek, a traditional Balkan pastry which is made of phyllo dough and meat, cheese, spinach, or more. 
Located on Stevana Nemanje

Samir: Located just a few buildings down from Aida 2, Samir also serves as a popular spot for burek as well as other sandwich and pastry options.
Located on Stevana Nemanje

H K’O LEB: A small chain of bakeries located across Novi Pazar, H K’O LEB serves up croissants, muffins, djevrek, and much more. 
Multiple locations in city, most central located off Rifata Burdževića

Evropa: With a couple of locations around the city, Evropa is also a solid choice for all kinds of baked goods.
Located on 1. Maja

Ćevapi and Mantije:

Kod Jonuza: One of the leading contenders for best ćevapi in Novi Pazar, Kod Jonuza serves up almost exclusively ćevapi all day long. It is situated right off Gradski Trg and is always speedy.
Located at the beginning of 28. Novembra

Beko: Another contender for best ćevapi in the city, Beko offers both cooked meats and freshly cut meats in two separate storefronts right next door to one another.
Located at the beginning of Stevana Nemanje

Sidro: Arguably the city’s most famous place for mantije, one of Novi Pazar’s most notable specialities, Sidro serves them up freshly made in a small restaurant right off Gradski Trg.
Located at the beginning of 28. Novembra

Sve pod sač: With a convenient central location, this place is another great option to try authentic Novi Pazar mantije and pita.
Located on 1. Maja


Med Cafe: Located along the pedestrian street next door to Ooh la la and Baška Cafe, Med Cafe offers high quality twists on standard restaurant fare, including meat dishes, salads, sandwiches, and pastas.
Located on 28. Novembra

Baška Cafe: Similar to Med Cafe, Baška Cafe offers a wide variety of great food options, including meats, salads, sandwiches, and pastas.
Located on 28. Novembra

Ukus: For national and local specialities, including sarma, stuffed peppers, stews, and goulash, try Ukus, conveniently located a few blocks down from Gradski Trg on 1. Maja.
Located on 1. Maja 

Taksim: A good option for pizza located just a few minutes from the city center.
Located on 1. Maja 

Avlija: Avlija offers both classical and modern meal options in a traditional Turkish-style atmosphere. Located down a short staircase on a road parallel to Stevana Nemanje.
Located on 8. Marta

Garden: Occupying a peaceful and scenic location right above the Raška river, Garden features a solid range of reliable food options.
Located along the Raška across from the municipal building 

Ooh la la: The third in a line with Med Cafe and Baška Cafe, Ooh la la offers a wide range of meal choices and plenty of seating.
Located on 28. Novembra

Corner: Corner provides a refreshing break from Novi Pazar’s more heavy food options, serving up salads, sandwiches, and juices in the heart of the city.
Located just off the city roundabout 

Hotel Tadž: Hotel Tadž includes a nice restaurant on the first floor that offers traditional Serbian food. Additionally, the restaurant is smoking-free, so keep this in mind if you are looking for a less smoky option.
Located at Rifata Burdževića 79

Calzone: Located around 10 minutes by car from the city center, Calzone offers a cozy atmosphere complete with a wood-fire oven.
Located by the Novi Pazar spa (not pictured on map)

Restoran Ras Pazarište: Occupying a secluded location on the drive from Novi Pazar to Sopoćani, Restoran Ras Pazarište provides a large dining area with both traditional and modern food options.
Located by the Stari Ras complex en route to Sopoćani (not pictured on map)

Hotel Sopoćani: Located in a scenic historical villa just a few minutes from the monastery, Hotel Sopoćani has an excellent restaurant with traditional food options and good views of the surrounding landscape.
Located by Sopoćani Monastery (not pictured on map)