Novi Pazar Serbia

Where to Drink

Home to a countless number of cafés of all shapes and sizes, Novi Pazar offers a variety of different options for daytime coffees and nightlife depending on what you might be looking for, ranging from more relaxed bars and cafés to a few upmarket nightclubs and an assortment of hookah lounges. Keep in mind that many places along the pedestrian street as well as a number of cafés and hookah lounges are alcohol-free, so if you’re looking for something stronger than coffee or soft drinks, make sure to check the menu before sitting down.

Cafés and Bars:

Live music at Studio Dory Courtesy of Husein Djulović

Live music at Studio Dory
Courtesy of Husein Djulović

Studio Dory: Offering live music performances throughout the week by local bands, Studio Dory serves up coffee, beer, wine, and a wide range of liquor in a relaxed and cozy pub-like atmosphere located along the river on the east side of the city. The space offers lounge chairs, high-top tables, and outdoor seating in nice weather. Check out ex-Yu(goslav) rock nights on Thursdays, electronic music nights on Wednesdays, and live performances on Saturdays.
Located on Kej 12. Srpske Brigade 25

Jazzva: Jazzva serves as a laid-back and welcoming coffee shop during the day and turns into a more casual café/bar by night, serving beer, wine, and more. The café offers comfortable seats, tables, and booths popular with a younger crowd and plays jazz, alternative, and indie rock music with occasional live events, such as DJ nights.
Located on Stane Bačanin

Caffe Art: One of the most popular spots in the city, Caffe Art serves as a trendy spot for coffee and soft drinks throughout the day and transitions into a more lively scene in the evening, opening a second basement level and alcohol service. The café offers a casual environment with an eclectic collection of artwork and is perpetually busy with locals.
Located at Stevana Nemanje 116

House Caffe: House Caffe is designed to look like someone’s private house, complete with black and white family photographs on the walls. It has a nice outdoor seating area and serves coffee throughout the day and alcohol in the evening.
Located on Relje Krilatice

Caffe Gana: Located up an unmarked staircase on one of the top floors of the architecturally unique Lućna building off AVNOJ-a, Caffe Gana has a collection of high-top tables and countertops in a mirror-clad room featuring coffee and great views of the pedestrian zone.
Located at the intersection of 28. Novembra and AVNOJ-a

Map 4: Bars and cafés

Map 4: Bars and cafés

Cigla Caffe: With a convenient location in the city center, Cigla Caffe offers an open outdoor terrace and an indoor seating space with a bar. The café serves coffee in the day and alcohol by night and hosts live music performances on the weekends.
Located at Sabana Koce 73/A

Nuba Caffe: With a more sophisticated and urban design, Nuba Caffe serves up coffee and soft drinks during the daytime hours and alcohol in the evening in a big space with hot-top tables and comfortable lounge chairs and a second-floor balcony.
Located on Stevana Nemanje

Halilagić Caffe: Featuring a comfortable and stylish atmosphere, Halilagić Caffe has a unique decor including collected books and Native American paraphernalia. The café has both tables and more comfortable couches and serves up coffee, soft drinks, and sweets.
Located at Stevana Nemanje 56

Caffe Ambar: Ambar provides a more sophisticated space located not far from the pedestrian street with nice cocktails and beer on tap. The bar plays more electronic/pop music and features colorful lighting effects.
Located at Rade Petrović 4a by Crkva Svetog Nikole

Caffe Club Studio: Studio offers coffee and alcohol with music and features both a downstairs indoor area and a large outdoor seating area on the walking street off of 28. Novembra. Studio also hosts frequent live DJ events.
Located at the bottom of 28. Novembra

Down Town Caffe: Down Town Caffe provides a warm and comfortable indoor space and balcony, with live music performances on weekends. 
Located at Relje Krilatice 104

Meydan Caffe: For a more traditional option and a safe bet for a good Turkish coffee, try Meydan Caffe, located directly in the city square. Meydan has a traditional atmosphere and a nice terrace for sunny days.
Located on the city square


Club Loco: Club Loco offers lively techno music for dancing amid colorful light shows. The venue plays primarily folk music and electronic/pop music on weekends.
Located on AVNOJ-a

Tvrdjava: Tvrdjava offers live music performances and a wide selection of alcohol in an atmospheric tavern-like space in the basement of a building located in the back of the City Park. Especially popular for late-midnight parties.
Located in the City Park

Map 5: Nightclubs and hookah lounges

Map 5: Nightclubs and hookah lounges

Blue Night Caffe: With loud electronic music and bright lights, Blue Night Caffe offers a lively nightclub atmosphere located along the river.
Located on Kej 12. Srpske Brigade

Carpe Diem Caffe: Carpe Diem offers standard nightclub electronic music, dancing, and drinks.
Located on Miodraga Jovanovića

Hookah lounges: 

Nargilem Shisha and Cocktail Bar: Nargilem offers a wide range of hookah flavors, soft drinks, and milkshakes in a modern and cavern-like interior. The lounge plays electronic/pop music and hosts parties on the weekends.
Located on Stane Bačanin

Shisha Bar Dubai: Hookah with lights and electronic/pop music in a more high-energy venue.
Located on Rifat Burdževića

Sahara Shisha Lounge: Standard hookah and club music located at the base of the City Park. 
Located at Svetosavska 2